Checklist Onboarding

For a complete program

Is an Onboarding checklist useful?

Certainly! Onboarding is not rocket science, but there is a lot involved. Especially if you want to set up a complete program. Below you will find a complete checklist to put together your own Onboarding program.

This checklist is also part of the complete manual ‘Onboarding: Tips for a warm welcome’. If you would like to receive this for free, leave your details here and the manual will be sent to you immediately.

Do you no longer want to keep a checklist and have everything run automatically? Then use the Successful@Work Onboarding App. You can set up your first full program yourself immediately and for free.

Warm Welcome / Pre-boarding

To doWhoDeadlineFinished
Send welcome email
Arrange welcome package yes/no
Send 'To do for Manager' mail
Arrange access pass
Setting up a workplace
Inform colleagues
arranging company clothing
Prepare administrative and personnel matters
Share new employee data

meet the team

To doWhoDeadlineFinished
Connect with LinkedIn
Send an email with an explanation about team incl. roles
Create a presentation team, with e.g.:
  • Who does what?
  • Who can the new colleague turn to?
  • Team meeting/stand up
Send presentation team
Schedule meetings to get to know

First day at work

To doWhoDeadlinefinished
Receive a new colleague
Present the first days of the program
Closer acquaintance
  • Direct colleagues
  • Buddy
General Company Information
  • Company/team goals
  • Organization chart
  • Departments and teams
  • Markets, products and customers
  • New developments
Company tour
  • Company map
Workplace acquaintance
  • Who does what?
  • Who can the new colleague turn to?
  • Team meeting
Explanation of company agreements
  • Working hours, break, time registration
  • Report sick and recover
  • Occupational health, environment, hygiene and safety
  • Holidays
  • Key procedure/badge
  • Security
  • Coffee, tea, food
  • Smoking
  • Parking
  • Locker
  • Staff entrance
  • Language use
  • Clothing/Appearance Regulations
  • Use phone/transfer calls
  • Use email/internet
  • Greet and address customers

First 100 days

To doWhoDeadlineFinished
Discuss the first 100 days:
  • What do you expect from the new employee?
  • What does he/she expect from you?
  • Discuss goals
  • Drawing up a plan
  • Agreements for the first 100 days
Work of the first days
Who can the new employee contact with questions and support?
Agreements about onboarding
Schedule conversation first 100 days
Plan evaluation trial period
Plan evaluation first 100 days


To doWhoDeadlineFinished
What were the agreements?
Have the agreements been fulfilled?
What has been left behind?
What went well?
What areas for improvement are there and why?
Discuss questions
Make agreements for the coming year
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