What does an onboarding program look like?

Focus on connection

De onboarding app

Onboarding app

The new way of induction

De onboarding app
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Induction program or Onboarding program?

Onboarding and induction are very similar. However, there is one essential difference. Onboarding has a different focus.

In short: Induction focuses on the practicalities and mastering the position. While onboarding immediately focus on the connection with the organization and the team.

The picture right next to the text shows this well. In induction, you start with the basics compliance. And then focus on the clarifaction of of the new role/job.

While onboarding first focuses on the connection and fitting in with the organisational culture. During the onboarding you also check whether the norms and values of the organisation culture suit the new hire. You go through the same process, but the other way around.

Onboarding: old ideas parading as new ones?

On average it takes six months to a year before the new hire asks him or herself the really essential question: do I fit it? And that’s a shame, because fitting in is the basis for succes! 

Turn this process around with onboarding. Make an induction plus program.

Trust the thorough application procedure, which ensures that the new employee can do the new job.  Focus on the connection and fitting in!

Onboarding: induction plus program but with a different focus!

Looking for an Onboarding program?

The Successful@Work App contains fully developed onboarding templates with inspirational texts. All you have to do is add your own story.

Within 10 minutes you set up a basic onboarding program. Use the Successful@Work app and  let the new hire quickly connect with the team and the organisation. Make insiders and ambassadors.

What steps does the onboarding process contain?

Clarification, Connection, Culture and Compliance


Warm welcome

Start onboarding before the first workday, also known as preboarding. This way your new hires feels welcome and hits the ground running.

Meet the team

Get to know each other. Tell about yourself: Who are you? What are you good at? What are the expectations? This way, the new talent connects quickly.

The organisation

Storytelling works! Tell about your successes, customers and way of working. Turn a new hire into an insider and an ambassador.

Practical info

Things that everyone knows are often forgotten. Things like: what time to start, when do we have a lunchbreak or what does the email signature look like, etc.

What elements does the onboarding process contain?


Warm welcome

Start onboarding before the first day of work and tell them what to expect. This way you give new hires a flying start.

Meet the team

Get to know each other from the start. Who are you? What are you good at? What are the expectations?

The organisation

Who are the customers? How is the culture? What are the goals? What do we stand for?

Practical info

How does it work, where can you find something and what needs to be done.

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