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Onboarding for and by HR professionals

As an HR professional I have often experienced how dependent you are on external parties for HR solutions. That you buy expensive IT solutions that subsequently disappoint. Or that HR solutions are delivered, which you think could have been done much better yourself. So when we started Successful@Work, the challenge was to create an IT tool with which you can create your own onboarding program. An HR IT Tool for and by HR professionals!

The story behind the Successful@Work Onboarding App

What makes one employee more successful than another? Why is successful behavior not discussed in organization? And why is it not part of the start? Bianca Weijers asked herself these questions before she came up with the idea of the Successful@Work Onboarding App.

Onboarding: The team at the center!

An article from the Harvard Business Review by Rob Cross ea shows that employees pay insufficient attention to building their (strategic) network. In this blog we translate their best practices into the Successful@Work onboarding program components!

wow! - That's a warm welcome

Organizations with an onboarding program are better able to attract, inspire and retain talented and motivated employees. This gives them a demonstrable competitive advantage!

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