Onboarding is the key to a successful start!


Organizations with an onboarding program are better able to attract, inspire and retain talented and motivated employees. This gives them a demonstrable competitive advantage!

Onboarding is the key to a successful start!

How do you quickly and easily create an (online) onboarding program?

We all know that organizations with an onboarding program do significantly better than companies without an onboarding program.

These organizations are better able to attract, inspire and retain talented and motivated employees through onboarding. This gives them a demonstrable competitive advantage!

Reasons enough to create an onboarding program!

But how do you quickly and easily create a successful (online) onboarding program?

The Successful@Work Onboarding App contains a fully developed onboarding program with inspirational texts. All you have to do is add your sauce to this.

Some figures:

  1. The retention is higher: Organizations with onboarding programs retain 91% of their new hires versus 30% of organizations without onboarding programs.
  1. Significantly better results: At organizations with onboarding, new hires achieve 62% of their goals in the first year. Without Onboarding, that’s 17%.
Source: Researchgate

We have also built in a generic employee journey that a new employee goes through during his or her onboarding period.

During this employee journey, the new employee, or new talent as we call him, gets to know the culture of your organization better, what his or her goals are and how he or she fits into the organization and the team.

In other words: How do you become successful within your organization!

The Components Successful@Work onboarding program

The components of the Successful@Work onboarding program are:

  1. Warm welcome
  2. meet each other
  3. Get to know the organization
  4. Practical issues

The components are further elaborated and explained below.

#1 Warm welcome

An important part of an onboarding program is the Warm Welcome!

For new employees, the transition to a new job is quite exciting. You give him or her something to hold on to by a warm welcome and the introduction of your onboarding program.

You start with a warm welcome 4 weeks before the first working day. This is also known as preboarding.

The goal is to maintain that good feeling of the application process. It often takes a while before your new employee really starts and then that good feeling of the application procedure disappears for a while.


Focus on the connection with the team. The purpose of onboarding is to ensure that a new employee lands well in the team and the organization. And the success of the new team member depends on feeling at home in the team and your organization.

For example, you can think of a welcome message from the new team or the new manager, but that can of course also be the general manager. Information about the first day of work and what the new employee can do to prepare for it.

And don’t forget all kinds of practical things, such as your corona measures, the dress code, when you are at the office, the login details or online etiquette.

Involve others

You also actively involve the manager and the team members during the onboarding period. They determine the success of the onboarding program.

The manager
Help the manager make the first day a success. The first few minutes of the first working day are decisive for a successful start. It is essential that the manager is present (online). And if that is not possible, someone else has been arranged.

And don’t forget to register the person at the reception, parking garage, etc. That too is part of the first impression!

The team
Involve the team that the new employee will be working in. Let them know that a new employee is starting. Share your enthusiasm about the new employee and briefly provide general information. And ask the team to welcome the new colleague to the team on the first day of work and to make him/her feel at home.

Onboarding tips
What should not be missing in a good onboarding program are onboarding Tips!

You can give this to the new employee as well as to the supervising manager or the team members. For example, you can give a new tip every week. Or more during the start and less during the onboarding period.

Examples of onboarding tips that you can give to your new employee are:

  • How do you land successfully in a team?
  • How do you ask for help?
  • What questions can you ask during your onboarding period?

#2 Meet up

Meet consists of 2 parts:

  • Who are you?
  • Meet the team

Of course, the new employee tells about his/her expectations and who he/she is. In this way, the team is already acquainted with the new employee and they know who the new employee is.

It is nice if the new employee gets to know the new team in advance and can at least take a look at all the faces and names. Who is who; without the new employee having to remember everyone in the 5-minute introduction round.

In Meet each other you can find an overview of the new team. This ensures that a new employee makes contact faster and easier.

Filling in is made attractive for the team by asking playful questions such as what did you want to be when you grow up or are you a morning or evening person. And use for the multiple choice answers and attractive pictures. This can of course also be adjusted by you.

#3 Get to know the organization

Feeling welcome and at home is a precondition for successful onboarding. By sharing stories, working methods and unwritten ‘rules’, that feeling arises automatically.

Share what you are proud of, about how you work together, achieve success and serve customers. Make the heart of the onboarding program with your core values.

In addition to having information read, it is also useful, and if it is good, also fun to give a new employee assignments to actively discover the organization and the culture.

Pass on the manual for a successful future! And turn new employees into insiders and ambassadors.

#4 Practical matters

Things that everyone knows are often forgotten. Think about how the printer works, how to request days off or when lunch is.

In this part you will tell about all kinds of practical matters that are important in your organization. Think of matters related to safety, HR and IT matters, etc.


In case you think that looks good, but it seems like a lot of work!

Then register for our workshop on Friday 8 October! Then we help you on your way!

Workshop Onboarding in a 1/2 day

Friday 15 October from 9:00-13:00 in Houten.

Apply now.

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